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The Kakao Friends take on international travel. All around the world with global delivery.

Crossing timezones to see their friends from across the globe!

Kakao Friends Global Shipping?

Kakao Friends have launched a global shipping service.

Our global shipping agency is the government-run Korea Post; using our service, however, is much easier than
independently shipping internationally through the post office.

The Kakao Friends Global Delivery service is currently available for 29 countries worldwide,
but stay tuned for our expansion as we add more countries to the list.

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How To Use

Step. 1 Check to see which products can be shipped internationally
  • 1You can filter your search results by marking the option to view products eligible for international delivery.
  • 2Products eligible for international delivery will be accompanied by a blue global shipping icon.
Step. 2 Purchasing an item from the product detail page
  • 1First check to see that the product can be shipped internationally before proceeding with your purchase.
  • 2Selecting the area that indicates global shipping eligibility will lead you to a pop-up window with further details about the countries we ship to.
Step. 3 Purchasing an item from your shopping cart
  • 1You can also select the destination country from the shopping cart.
  • 2If there are any items within the shopping cart that are not eligible for international shipping, then you will not be able to proceed to checkout, so please check before you select.
Step. 4 Entering your orders and shipping information
  • 1You can also select the destination country on the checkout screen.
  • 2If you select an overseas shipping location, the form will change accordingly. Please enter overseas shipping information in English.
  • 3If you change your shipping location to an overseas location from the checkout screen, and there are items in the shopping cart that are not eligible for international shipping, then you will not be able to finalize your purchase.
  • 4When you have made a successful purchase you will receive information on your order via the email address you entered.


Shipping order
  1. Step. 1 Order received (Domestic shipping status)
  2. Step. 2 Preparing to ship (Domestic shipping status)
  3. Step. 3 Preparing to ship overseas (Global shipping status)
  4. Step. 4 Tracking number updated (Global shipping status)
  5. Step. 5 En route (Global shipping status)
  6. Step. 6 Delivery complete (Global shipping status)

You can track your order live by going to the My Page > Order List .


Shipping information

  • 1EMS notice

    If the items being shipped fall under either of the two restrictions below, even if there are no issues with domestic shipping, the orders will be split into multiple parts according to the specifications of the international shipping companies.
    Under these circumstances, please keep in mind that there may be additional charges for the domestic or international leg of the delivery.

    Weight restrictions: Items must be 30 kg or less (20 kg for certain countries) Size restrictions: Restrictions may apply depending on the destination country.
  • 2Customs

    Customs fees, taxes and other expenses are not included in the price of delivery. Payment of these additional expenses is the burden of the buyer upon receiving the package.

    Please contact your local post office or customs office for more detailed and precise information on taxes.
  • 3Delays

    The global delivery of the entire order may be delayed if even several of the items have not arrived at the delivery location.
    Please direct all questions about global shipments to the Contact Us service or email

    Contact Us

Product information

  • 1Information on cancellations/returns/exchanges

    You can cancel your purchase as long as it is still in the “order received” stage. Unlike domestic orders, international orders are final, without returns, exchanges or any further opportunities to cancel the order.
    Please be aware that we not accept returns or exchanges without special cause once the item has been delivered to its overseas destination, and think carefully before making your purchase.
    Regarding exchanges due to defects in the product, please direct your inquiries to Contact Us or email

    Contact Us
  • 2Customs clearance and fees

    The South Korean customs office will sometimes impose a customs tax or additional tax on certain items shipped from overseas.
    Likewise, depending on the destination, items shipped from South Korea to certain countries may be taxed according to local regulations.
    The burden of the tax falls upon the individual who receives the item. However, excluding extraordinary circumstances, gift items are generally not taxed.

  • 3Information on purchasing electronics

    When purchasing electronic products, please check the voltage and current of the item, and ensure that the product is compatible with the electrical system in the destination country.
    The buyer is responsible for any issues that arise from purchasing or using the wrong product.

Information on destination countries

In the case of electronic products, please check each individual product to ensure that the product is compatible with the electricity in the destination country before making a purchase.
If the buyer should happen to order a product without checking for compatibility, and ends up receiving a product that is incompatible with the electricity of their country of residency, any costs for the return of the product are the burden of the buyer.
In the case of a return due to an error in the delivery of the product, or due to a defect in the product itself, please use the local or regional postal service of the destination country. If the buyer returns the product via another international shipping service, the buyer must shoulder the additional burden of any taxes imposed by the South Korean customs authorities.

  • 1Products that cannot be shipped globally

    Excessively heavy or large products
    Products with the potential to spoil (whether foodstuffs, or products with the potential to pollute or damage other goods)
    Inappropriate products, the importing and/or distribution of which are banned in the destination country (counterfeit products, banned products, dangerous products, gold and other precious metals, etc., with regulations varying by country)
    Explosive and/or flammable products, and other dangerous substances (sprays, burners, etc.)

    For a more detailed and comprehensive list, please check the customs information for each country, below, or ask your local post office or customs office.
  • 2 Important considerations for each country

    For a list of banned or restricted items in each country, please refer to the customs information for the country in question, below.

    Customs information by country


1 EMS international courier service

International shipping - Up to 30 kg
The EMS shipping fee is calculated by weight, including the weight of the shipping box as well as the product.
You can check the delivery status of products sent via EMS by going to ‘ My Page > My Orders ’.

EMS Information

2 Countries we deliver to, by area

Area 1 :
Taiwan, Laos, Macao, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines
Area 2 :
Brunei, India, Indonesia
Area 3 :
Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Denmark, Germany, Romania, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Slovakia, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, United Kingdom, Austria, Uzbekistan, Israel, Czech, Portugal, Poland, France, Finland, Qatar, Canada, Croatia, Turkey
Area 4 :
Mexico, Morocco, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru
Special Area 1 :
Special Area 2 :
Hong Kong, Singapore
Special Area 3 :
Special Area 4 :
Special Area 5 :
United States
Special Area 6 :

3 Shipping fees, by weight and area

Area 1,2,3,4 Shipping Fees
Weight(Kg) Area 1 Area 2 Area 3 Area 4
0.5 18,500KRW 19,000KRW 25,100KRW 28,600KRW
0.75 19,900KRW 21,000KRW 28,600KRW 32,400KRW
1 21,300KRW 23,000KRW 32,300KRW 36,300KRW
1.25 23,000KRW 26,000KRW 37,200KRW 41,300KRW
1.5 24,700KRW 29,100KRW 42,100KRW 46,300KRW
1.75 26,400KRW 32,000KRW 47,100KRW 51,300KRW
2 28,100KRW 34,900KRW 52,100KRW 56,400KRW
2.5 30,100KRW 38,000KRW 55,700KRW 64,000KRW
3 32,300KRW 41,300KRW 59,200KRW 71,900KRW
3.5 34,300KRW 44,300KRW 63,000KRW 79,700KRW
4 36,300KRW 47,400KRW 66,400KRW 87,400KRW
4.5 38,300KRW 50,500KRW 70,000KRW 95,300KRW
5 40,400KRW 53,700KRW 73,500KRW 103,000KRW
5.5 42,300KRW 56,700KRW 77,200KRW 110,800KRW
6 44,400KRW 59,800KRW 80,800KRW 118,500KRW
6.5 46,400KRW 63,100KRW 84,300KRW 126,300KRW
7 48,600KRW 66,100KRW 87,900KRW 134,100KRW
7.5 50,500KRW 69,200KRW 91,500KRW 141,900KRW
8 52,500KRW 72,400KRW 95,100KRW 149,600KRW
8.5 54,500KRW 75,300KRW 98,700KRW 157,400KRW
9 56,600KRW 78,400KRW 102,300KRW 165,100KRW
9.5 58,600KRW 81,500KRW 105,800KRW 173,000KRW
10 60,700KRW 84,800KRW 109,500KRW 180,700KRW
10.5 62,700KRW 87,800KRW 113,100KRW 188,500KRW
11 64,800KRW 90,900KRW 116,600KRW 196,300KRW
11.5 66,700KRW 94,100KRW 120,200KRW 204,000KRW
12 68,800KRW 97,100KRW 123,900KRW 211,700KRW
12.5 70,800KRW 100,200KRW 127,400KRW 219,600KRW
13 72,900KRW 103,500KRW 131,000KRW 227,300KRW
13.5 75,000KRW 106,500KRW 134,600KRW 235,200KRW
14 76,900KRW 109,600KRW 138,100KRW 242,900KRW
14.5 79,100KRW 112,800KRW 141,800KRW 250,600KRW
15 81,000KRW 115,900KRW 145,300KRW 258,400KRW
15.5 82,900KRW 118,800KRW 148,900KRW 266,200KRW
16 85,000KRW 121,900KRW 152,400KRW 273,900KRW
16.5 87,200KRW 125,200KRW 156,200KRW 281,800KRW
17 89,200KRW 128,200KRW 159,600KRW 289,500KRW
17.5 91,200KRW 131,300KRW 163,300KRW 297,300KRW
18 93,100KRW 134,500KRW 166,800KRW 305,000KRW
18.5 95,300KRW 137,500KRW 170,500KRW 312,800KRW
19 97,200KRW 140,600KRW 174,000KRW 320,700KRW
19.5 99,300KRW 143,700KRW 177,700KRW 328,400KRW
20 101,400KRW 147,000KRW 181,100KRW 336,100KRW
20.5 103,500KRW 150,000KRW 184,800KRW 343,900KRW
21 105,400KRW 153,100KRW 188,400KRW 351,600KRW
21.5 107,400KRW 156,300KRW 192,000KRW 359,500KRW
22 109,500KRW 159,300KRW 195,500KRW 367,200KRW
22.5 111,500KRW 162,400KRW 199,200KRW 375,000KRW
23 113,600KRW 165,500KRW 202,700KRW 382,900KRW
23.5 115,600KRW 168,600KRW 206,400KRW 390,500KRW
24 117,600KRW 171,700KRW 209,800KRW 398,200KRW
24.5 119,700KRW 174,900KRW 213,500KRW 406,100KRW
25 121,100KRW 176,700KRW 217,100KRW 414,000KRW
25.5 122,600KRW 178,700KRW 220,800KRW 422,000KRW
26 124,000KRW 180,600KRW 224,200KRW 429,700KRW
26.5 125,500KRW 182,500KRW 227,900KRW 437,700KRW
27 126,800KRW 184,500KRW 231,300KRW 445,600KRW
27.5 128,200KRW 186,300KRW 235,100KRW 453,300KRW
28 129,700KRW 188,200KRW 238,600KRW 461,300KRW
28.5 131,100KRW 190,100KRW 242,100KRW 469,200KRW
29 132,600KRW 192,100KRW 245,700KRW 477,000KRW
29.5 134,000KRW 194,000KRW 249,400KRW 484,900KRW
30 135,400KRW 195,800KRW 252,900KRW 492,900KRW
Japan,Hong Kong/Singapore,China,Australia Shipping Fees
Weight(Kg) Japan Hong Kong
China Australia
0.5 17,900KRW 18,100KRW 18,100KRW 21,500KRW
0.75 18,800KRW 19,100KRW 19,200KRW 25,100KRW
1 19,800KRW 20,100KRW 20,300KRW 28,600KRW
1.25 21,000KRW 21,500KRW 31,600KRW 33,400KRW
1.5 22,100KRW 22,900KRW 23,000KRW 38,100KRW
1.75 23,700KRW 24,400KRW 24,500KRW 42,300KRW
2 25,200KRW 26,000KRW 26,100KRW 46,700KRW
2.5 26,600KRW 27,800KRW 27,800KRW 54,000KRW
3 27,900KRW 29,500KRW 29,300KRW 57,200KRW
3.5 29,300KRW 31,300KRW 30,900KRW 60,400KRW
4 30,600KRW 33,000KRW 32,400KRW 63,400KRW
4.5 31,900KRW 34,800KRW 34,100KRW 66,500KRW
5 33,200KRW 36,500KRW 35,700KRW 69,700KRW
5.5 34,600KRW 38,300KRW 37,300KRW 72,800KRW
6 35,900KRW 40,100KRW 38,900KRW 75,800KRW
6.5 37,200KRW 41,900KRW 40,400KRW 79,100KRW
7 38,400KRW 43,600KRW 42,000KRW 82,200KRW
7.5 39,600KRW 45,400KRW 43,600KRW 85,100KRW
8 41,000KRW 47,200KRW 45,100KRW 88,200KRW
8.5 42,300KRW 48,900KRW 46,800KRW 91,400KRW
9 43,700KRW 50,700KRW 48,300KRW 94,400KRW
9.5 45,000KRW 52,400KRW 50,000KRW 97,600KRW
10 46,300KRW 54,100KRW 51,600KRW 100,800KRW
10.5 47,600KRW 55,900KRW 53,100KRW 103,900KRW
11 49,000KRW 57,700KRW 54,800KRW 106,900KRW
11.5 50,300KRW 59,500KRW 56,200KRW 110,100KRW
12 51,600KRW 61,200KRW 57,900KRW 113,200KRW
12.5 52,900KRW 63,100KRW 59,500KRW 116,200KRW
13 54,100KRW 64,800KRW 60,900KRW 119,400KRW
13.5 55,500KRW 66,500KRW 62,500KRW 122,600KRW
14 56,800KRW 68,300KRW 64,000KRW 125,600KRW
14.5 58,200KRW 70,000KRW 65,800KRW 128,700KRW
15 59,500KRW 71,800KRW 67,400KRW 131,900KRW
15.5 60,800KRW 73,500KRW 68,900KRW 134,900KRW
16 62,100KRW 75,300KRW 70,500KRW 137,900KRW
16.5 63,400KRW 77,000KRW 72,000KRW 141,200KRW
17 64,800KRW 78,900KRW 73,700KRW 144,300KRW
17.5 66,100KRW 80,700KRW 75,300KRW 147,300KRW
18 67,400KRW 82,400KRW 76,800KRW 150,400KRW
18.5 68,700KRW 84,100KRW 78,400KRW 153,600KRW
19 70,000KRW 85,900KRW 79,900KRW 156,600KRW
19.5 71,300KRW 87,700KRW 81,500KRW 159,700KRW
20 72,700KRW 89,400KRW 83,300KRW 163,000KRW
20.5 74,000KRW 91,200KRW 84,800KRW 166,100KRW
21 75,300KRW 92,900KRW 86,400KRW 169,100KRW
21.5 76,600KRW 94,700KRW 87,900KRW 172,300KRW
22 77,900KRW 96,600KRW 89,500KRW 175,400KRW
22.5 79,300KRW 98,300KRW 91,200KRW 178,300KRW
23 80,600KRW 100,000KRW 92,700KRW 181,500KRW
23.5 81,900KRW 101,700KRW 94,300KRW 184,700KRW
24 83,200KRW 103,600KRW 95,800KRW 187,700KRW
24.5 84,500KRW 105,300KRW 97,400KRW 190,800KRW
25 85,600KRW 106,800KRW 98,700KRW 193,900KRW
25.5 86,900KRW 108,300KRW 100,000KRW 196,900KRW
26 88,000KRW 109,800KRW 101,300KRW 199,800KRW
26.5 89,300KRW 111,300KRW 102,500KRW 202,800KRW
27 90,500KRW 112,900KRW 103,700KRW 205,800KRW
27.5 91,700KRW 114,400KRW 105,000KRW 208,800KRW
28 92,800KRW 115,900KRW 106,200KRW 211,700KRW
28.5 94,100KRW 117,400KRW 107,400KRW 214,800KRW
29 95,300KRW 118,800KRW 108,600KRW 217,800KRW
29.5 96,600KRW 120,300KRW 109,900KRW 220,900KRW
30 97,600KRW 121,800KRW 111,200KRW 235,500KRW
United States,Russia Shipping Fees
Weight(Kg) United States Russia
0.5 27,600KRW 24,900KRW
0.75 32,600KRW 28,500KRW
1 37,700KRW 32,200KRW
1.25 43,000KRW 37,000KRW
1.5 48,300KRW 41,900KRW
1.75 54,200KRW 46,800KRW
2 60,200KRW 51,700KRW
2.5 64,600KRW 55,300KRW
3 68,900KRW 58,900KRW
3.5 73,300KRW 62,400KRW
4 77,800KRW 66,000KRW
4.5 82,200KRW 69,700KRW
5 86,500KRW 73,100KRW
5.5 90,900KRW 76,700KRW
6 95,400KRW 80,100KRW
6.5 99,800KRW 83,900KRW
7 104,100KRW 87,400KRW
7.5 108,500KRW 90,900KRW
8 113,000KRW 94,400KRW
8.5 117,400KRW 98,200KRW
9 121,700KRW 101,600KRW
9.5 126,100KRW 105,200KRW
10 130,600KRW 108,800KRW
10.5 134,900KRW 112,300KRW
11 139,300KRW 115,900KRW
11.5 143,700KRW 119,400KRW
12 148,200KRW 123,000KRW
12.5 152,600KRW 126,600KRW
13 157,000KRW 130,000KRW
13.5 161,500KRW 133,800KRW
14 165,900KRW 137,300KRW
14.5 170,200KRW 140,800KRW
15 174,600KRW 144,300KRW
15.5 179,100KRW 148,100KRW
16 183,500KRW 151,500KRW
16.5 187,800KRW 155,100KRW
17 192,200KRW 158,700KRW
17.5 196,700KRW 162,200KRW
18 201,100KRW 165,800KRW
18.5 205,400KRW 169,300KRW
19 209,800KRW 172,900KRW
19.5 214,300KRW 176,500KRW
20 218,700KRW 179,900KRW
20.5 223,000KRW 183,700KRW
21 227,400KRW 187,200KRW
21.5 231,900KRW 190,700KRW
22 236,200KRW 194,200KRW
22.5 240,600KRW 198,000KRW
23 245,100KRW 201,400KRW
23.5 249,600KRW 205,000KRW
24 253,900KRW 208,400KRW
24.5 258,300KRW 212,100KRW
25 263,300KRW 215,700KRW
25.5 268,400KRW 219,200KRW
26 273,500KRW 222,800KRW
26.5 278,500KRW 226,400KRW
27 283,500KRW 229,800KRW
27.5 288,500KRW 233,500KRW
28 293,500KRW 237,100KRW
28.5 298,500KRW 240,600KRW
29 303,600KRW 244,100KRW
29.5 308,600KRW 247,900KRW
30 313,700KRW 251,300KRW

Deliver To

Asia - Pacific / the Middle East / Africa

  • Australia
  • Brunei
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • Laos
  • Macau
  • Malaysia
  • Morocco
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • UAE
  • Uzbekistan
  • Vietnam


  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Croatia
  • Czech
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Slovakia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom

North America / Latin America

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Peru
  • Mexico
  • United States
Important considerations for each country

For a list of banned or restricted items in each country, please refer to the customs information for the country in question, below.

Customs information by country